Kassia - a white queen! 

Kassia represents something never thought to be introduced to this stud - the blood of El Shaklan! Neverthe less, she is here and with her grace, attitude and elegant matronesse look she is a joy to have around. She is a true beauty, and she passes her wonderful qualities to her offsprings. 
She is a sweet and gentle mare, who will be breed to Fazit-B. 
While in Germany, she gave birth to Kaseem by Kubinec, who was awarded "Overall Champion" at the German Stallion Licensing - in front of 82 other stallions. Later he was exported to Saudi Arabia. 
She was later imported to Kirk Arabians, from where she is leased to Barakah. 

Progeny at Barakah: 

Zox Kanada by Zonyx, 2011 grey mare (Bred by Kirk Arabians)
Karizma-B by Fazit-B, 2015 grey Filly
Kaizer-B by Fazit-B, 2016 grey Colt

Kassia was put to sleep december 2016. Sleep well, you beautiful white Queen! 

Siena El Shaklan



El Shaklan

Precious Me



Hadban Enzahi


Shaker El Masri

Gai Ferzon Dream

Shaker El Masri

Kosmetika 14